3 Amazing Freelancing Courses in Pakistan

4 Amazing Freelancing Courses in Pakistan

Freelancing is becoming a global trend and Pakistani freelancers are in demand. To make your way easier in this fast-paced market, we’ve compiled a list of four great Freelancing Courses in Pakistan which will take your skills to the next level.

They’ll teach you how to create an irresistible portfolio, find clients through social media, negotiate with clients and get paid what you deserve, and more! These courses will help you improve your skills and create a successful freelance career.

Online Freelancing Course Free in Pakistan

Here is the list of four amazing online freelancing courses which are free in Pakistan that can change your life as a freelancer. These courses are in Urdu and are the Definitive Guide To Start Your Freelancing Career.

Courses are Free and best for beginners.

  1. Digiskills freelancing course
  2. Hisham Sarwar freelancing course
  3. Dankash freelancing course
  4. Pakistan Freelancing Training Program. (PFTP)




Digiskills is a training program organized by the government of Pakistan. It teaches you many skills that are necessary for your future as a freelancer, like how to create an irresistible portfolio and negotiate with clients.

These courses are available in Urdu, which can make them more accessible to those who do not already speak English or any other language fluently. Click Here.

Hisham Sarwar Freelancing Course

hisham sarwar freelancing course

Hisham Sarwar is the best person for you if you want to learn everything about earning money online. He is considered the best freelancer in Pakistan and also a very good digital marketer and graphic designer.

Hisham was also ranked among the best freelancers on Upwork. You can also learn many other skills for your freelancing career from his youtube channel.

For this freelancing course in Pakistan, Click Here. And start your amazing freelancing career.

Dankash Freelancing Course

DK logo 4 Amazing Freelancing Courses in Pakistan

Dankash is a digital marketing company that offers many courses for free and paid among which one is a freelancing course.

The owner of dankash is two entrepreneurs Daniya and Kashif (Dankash). Dankash is also one of the best institutes for digital marketing where many people learn digital marketing and earn lakhs per month through freelancing.

You can Learn freelancing courses in Pakistan also for free from dankash by Clicking Here.

PFTP Course

PFTP is also another Pakistan training program for Pakistanis. This program provides many opportunities such as scholarships and internships for enrolled students in this program.

This program is also organized by the government of Pakistan for the better of youth.

If you want to enroll in this PFTP course, Click Here.

Other Online earning Opportunities

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Wrapping Up

Hope you got a full understanding of this article and now you will be able to learn freelancing free online in Pakistan. If you want to ask any questions related to online earning feel free to ask by commenting down below in the comment section.

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