How To Become A Blogger In Pakistan?

How To Become A Blogger In Pakistan? (A Complete guide for beginner)

In this article, we are going to discuss that how to become a blogger in Pakistan. I will guide you that how can you become a blogger and start blogging as a beginner step by step.

Blogging is the best way to generate passive income online while sitting in the comfort of home.

Blogging will let you earn money online even when you are sleeping or awake, this is why we say that it’s the best way of generating passive income.

After reading this article, you will get 100% knowledge about blogging and you will be able to start a blog.

How To Start Blogging In Pakistan? (Paid way)

So let’s begin with our topic that “how to start blogging in Pakistan?”. We are going to discuss it step by step so that you can get a better understanding. We will start with how to create a blog and ends with how to write your first post. I will also tell you a 100% free way of starting a blog.

Steps To Start a Blog 

Steps To Start a Blog 

We divide these steps into two parts:

  • Creating a Blog
  • Writing blog post
  • Showing Website on Google

>Creating a Blog

To create a blog, we will do three steps:

  1. Select your Niche
  2. Buy a domain and hosting
  3. Setting up your blog

1- Select Your Niche

Choosing a niche for your blog means that choosing a particular topic which you want to discuss on your blog. So it depends on you. Choose the topic on which you are a professional and the public can come to your site to get advice from you on that topic.

Some of the popular niches of blogging are:

  • Fashion Blog
  • Health and Fitness Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Business and Finance
  • Traveling Blog

2- Buy a Domain and Hosting

Buy a Domain and Hosting

Firstly, Domain is the name of the website you’re working on. As the domain of this website is techysiness.com which is unique. Any other person can’t use this name for his/her website without my permission.

So you have to buy a domain name for your blogging site so that your site has a unique name and people can find your blog on a search engine with that specific name.

Second thing is to purchase good hosting. Hosting is the platform that makes your website accessible on World Wide Web(www) and people can visit your site on search engines. 

It makes your website live on google and it also maintains your site. You should have good hosting to make your website respond well to your visitors. Having good hosting also helps you to rank in google.

My suggestion is to get both hosting and domain from hostinger.com. It’s cheap and a good platform.

3- Setting up your Blog

For building your blogging website, you can either ask a freelancer to help or you can make it yourself with the help of WordPress. Believe me, building a website with WordPress is easy.

I will suggest you give it a try and make your site yourself.

After creating your website you have to join the google search console to improve your performance on Google search results. We will discuss this later in this article.

So, we have discussed the first part of our topic “How to Become a Blogger in Pakistan?”.

>Writing  a Blog Post

As the name shows, You have to write an article for your blog. But it’s not simple, you have to do proper keyword research and optimize your content with those keywords by putting them in headings, sub-headings, and paragraphs.

Free best tools for keyword research

The best free tools for keyword research are the following:

For keywords idea, Use These tools

Enter a Word according to your niche and get ideas.

Find the keyword which has low difficulty (1 to 25), pretty much good volume, and CPC (click per cost). Otherwise, you will never be able to rank your website for a specific keyword.

>Showing  Website on Google

Showing  Website on Google

Probably it will also happen with you that your site will not be visible on google if you search it with its name only. If you are also facing this problem, you will get the solution just now.

The solution to this problem is joining the google search console. While joining the google search console, you’re giving information about your website to google. This will help you to improve your performance on Google search results.

How To Start Blogging In Pakistan? (Freeway)

If you don’t want to buy a domain and hosting, you can still start your blog by using these two websites

  • Blogger.com
  • Medium.com

These two are the best site if you want to start a blog. You need to make an account on one of these sites and boom! you will get your blog. When people start visiting your site, then you can also apply for google Adsense on this and hence, start earning money and become a blogger.

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How to Promote your Blog?

When You have started your blog and now you have become a blogger, you have to promote your blog for more visitors to your blog.

Because the more visitors you get on your blog the more money you will get. So, “How to promote your blog?” You can do this by using various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can also use ads to promote your blog but, it needs money.

If you have a good presence on social media then tell your followers about your website and get visitors. Quora and Reddit are also good websites for promotion.  Answer the question of people asking on quora and Reddit, give a link to your article, and get visitors to your website.

YouTube is also one of the best sources of getting visitors.

When will you get your First Payment?

When will you get your First Payment?

Starting a Blog and Becoming a blogger in Pakistan is not easy. Not only in Pakistan but everywhere in the world because of tough competition among bloggers.

You have to do continuous hard work and be consistent for at least 3 to 4 months regularly. After that, you may be able to earn money through Adsense or any other premium ads platform.

Earning of your blog depends on visitors you got to your blog.

Consistency is the key

How to run a Blog? (Tips & Tricks)

Following are some tricks to make Google rank your website:

  1. Post on regular basis once a week or twice a week on the same day.
  2. Insert images and videos in your blog.
  3. Use long-tail keywords.
  4. Make your site load faster on every device.
  5. Make your site mobile-friendly.
  6. Insert push notifications on your site. (Use OneSignal for this purpose, it’s free)
  7. Insert Email opt-in form in your site.

Summary Of  How to become a blogger

So Finally, we discussed that how to start a blog in Pakistan and become a blogger.

Firstly, We divided it into three parts and discussed each. After that, we learn that how to promote your blog, and then we learned that when will you start earning from your blog. The last thing was how to run a successful blog (tips & tricks).

Hope you got a  better understanding of this article. Feel free to contact us by commenting down below. For more amazing articles, subscribe to our blog, it’s Free. Thanks! 



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